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Portfolio & Project Management

With rising levels of competition in the capital intensive, fast-paced pharmaceutical industry, companies must build efficient processes that enable growth and delivers value on time. As companies constantly strive for faster “first to market” and are embracing digital transformations, it is becoming more and more important to provide a single source of truth for projects and portfolios that work in alignment with organizational goals.

Octalsoft’s Portfolio and Project Management Software is a cloud-based centralized system that connects all key company resources, functional groups and processes in a way that delivers value and helps the organization achieve project deliverables. It provides an integrated tool to manage the complex project life cycles of Research and Development (R&D) projects from inception through to completion. Companies can remain competitive while managing multiple portfolios, by maintaining strategic focus and control over financials, resources, risks and project progress – all at one click away!

Why choose Octalsoft PPM Software? 

  • Improve project governance
  • Enhance cross-functional teamwork
  • Optimize workforce and resource allocation
  • Improved decision making
  • Real-time project insights
  • Project tracker and status reports
  • Better planning and prioritization
  • Transparency on timelines and targets
  • Integrated workflow tools
  • Centralized database
  • Collaborative problem solving
  • Data analysis and predictive modeling

Product Overview

Portfolio Management

Octalsoft PPM software provides structure and focus in grouping and managing project portfolios. With PPM software in place, companies can streamline their decision making, resource allocation, and budget allocation while enhancing profitability and efficiency. A streamlined approach to project portfolio management will help you deliver products to market on time, within budget and while maintaining compliance with regulations and approval from relevant bodies.

Project Overview

The software provides a bird’s eye view across projects and insight into portfolio progress and performance. This enables the user to track and monitor the project status in real-time, check for any delays in deliverables, manage milestones and promptly rectify the issues, action items, and risks if any.

Project Coordination

Miscommunication between functional teams can create a chaotic situation within a project and may prove costly. The software facilitates cross-functional team coordination between internal functional groups such as R&D, legal, finance, regulatory, supply chain, sales, and marketing. It also provides coordination with external partners in managing projects that involve inter-company collaboration. In addition to facilitating top-down and bottom-up communication, it also facilitates parallel planning and execution.

Project Reporting

Octalsoft PPM is a cloud-based software that helps the user to systematically create and customize reports with filters on users, projects, tasks, priorities, and status. Users can visualize real-time project status and progress reports based on accurate, live data ensuring all project stakeholders are on the same page.

Risk Management and Compliance

Octalsoft PPM software uses techniques such as PERT and Gantt charts, multi-projects views, on-demand notifications, and customizable dashboards -which helps the user to identify unforeseeable risks and in developing a mitigation and contingency plan.

Resource Allocation

The software enhances your ability to manage the company’s skilled resources optimally across several projects and their availability to take on new assignments. The software helps the user identify over allocations and underutilized resources and thus help in better management of limited resources across functional departments.

Product Benefits

Project Control

Octalsoft PPM software helps you gain complete control over your portfolio of R&D projects including scope management, project planning, execution, monitoring, budget planning, stakeholder management, management of regulatory and compliance strategies, risk and resource management.

Centralized Database

Single central location of all project related information provides consistent data access across the board and ensures successful management of each and every deliverable, within budget and on time.

Workflow Integration

Integrated workflow, automated alerts & notifications, ability to assign individual milestones and action items ensure project activities are completed on time.

Robust Reporting

Robust reporting capability providing you with quick, up-to-date overview about your project progress status. Users can catalog and track each stage of development accurately.

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