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Portfolio & Project Management

Enable life sciences organizations track and manage projects

Octalsoft’s Portfolio & Project Management Solution helps Life Sciences organizations track and manage their projects more effectively and efficiently. It provides an integrated tool to manage the complex project life-cycles of Research and Development (R&D) projects

Product Overview

Manage portfolio

Grouping and managing project portfolio

Project Overview

Single overview of project activities

Project Reporting

Ability to see real-time project reporting

Resource Allocation

Ability to see resource allocation across several projects and their availability to take on new assignments

Conflict Resolution

Resolution of conflicts in organizational goal, project objectives, and employee goals

Information Access

Access to islands of information related to a project not easily accessible by the management and/or project team members

Project Tracking

Tracking and managing milestones, action items, risks and issues related to projects

Product Benefits

Project Control

A complete control over your portfolio of R&D projects

Project Insights

Gain valuable and real-time insight of the progress of all your projects

Centralized Database

Single central location of all project related information

Workflow Integration

Integrated workflow, automated alerts & notifications, ability to assign individual milestones and action items ensure project activities are completed on time

Project Planning

Ability to quickly and easily define Master Plans by project type

Project Access

Role based access rights ensure users can only access projects they are assigned to

Resource Management

Ability to manage your resources optimally by knowing who is assigned to what projects and their available bandwidth to support new assignments.

Robust Reporting

Robust reporting capability providing you with instant, up-to-date information about your projects

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