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Clinical Trial Supply Management (CTSM)

Product Features


Inventory Optimization

Octalsoft's system allows for real-time tracking and optimization of clinical trial supplies, ensuring that sites have the right amount of investigational products and ancillary supplies at all times. This minimizes overstocking, reduces waste, and prevents supply shortages, ultimately saving time and resources.


Forecasting and Demand Planning

The system includes advanced forecasting and demand planning tools, which use historical data, patient enrollment predictions, and other factors to accurately anticipate future supply needs. This feature ensures that sponsors can proactively address potential supply challenges.

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Site Management

Octalsoft's platform provides comprehensive site management capabilities, enabling users to efficiently distribute supplies to various clinical trial sites. Users can easily track shipments, monitor site inventory levels, and manage site-specific requirements, improving overall trial efficiency.


Regulatory Compliance

The Clinical Trial Supply Management System is designed to assist sponsors and sites in adhering to regulatory requirements. It helps with the management of labeling, documentation, and quality control, ensuring that clinical trial supplies meet the necessary regulatory standards and compliance.


Shipment Tracking and Management

Users can track the status of shipments, including the receipt, storage, and distribution of supplies. This feature helps ensure timely and accurate delivery to trial sites, reducing the risk of delays or errors

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Real-time Reporting and Analytics

The system offers a comprehensive reporting and analytics module that provides stakeholders with real-time visibility into supply chain performance. Users can generate customizable reports and dashboards to monitor key performance indicators, make data-driven decisions, and adapt to changing trial dynamics effectively

Real-time Inventory Insights

  • Octalsoft CTSM provides instant oversight over the entire project cycle
  • Traceability of all trial materials including IMPs, NIMPs, and lab kits throughout the supply chain 
  • The software keeps records in the event of a product recall, lost status, and product return or damage.
Real-time Inventory Insights

Process Automation

  • Enhanced visibility of what has been received and what is exhausted at individual site level. 
  • Synchronize ever-changing demand and supply at optimal costs but also enable visibility and agility throughout the entire supply chain.
  • Accurate tracking of clinical supplies maximizes productivity by building a more demand-driven and leaner supply chain aiming for the right products at the right time in the right quantity.
Process Automation

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