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Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Software

Octalsoft electronic data capture software, supports early to late stage clinical development and post-approval phases through enhanced trial automation & workflows, 21 CFR Part 11 compliant platform, standards-based integration and advanced query management capabilities.

Electronic Data Capture Software for Clinical Trials from Octalsoft

As a complete document lifecycle management tool, our offering organizes clinical trial data making information easily accessible & thoroughly documented to enhance your team’s productivity. With ensured compliance and reduced risks across clinical development phases, the system engages select clientele.

Who Uses Octalsoft’s EDC Solutions?

The integrated powerful reporting capabilities help study teams visualize & analyze study data in real-time. By leveraging open standards, it allows for easy integration of clinical & non-clinical data & documents from multiple sources. The flexible & scalable Octalsoft EDC modular solutions find patronage across the complete spectrum of entities including sponsors, CROs, sites & subjects.

Why Use Octalsoft EDC?

  • Simple & secure data collection with online validation for assured accuracy
  • Study designer to set up complex studies
  • Audit trails for sensitive data
  • Multiplatform, multidevice support including smartphones & tablets
  • Faster submissions for regulatory approvals
  • Online integration of complex, multi-axial, hierarchical medical dictionary
  • Online collaboration to ensure prompt addressing of data discrepancies
  • Complies with regulatory requirements like 21 CFR Part 11 and HIPAA regulations
  • Adheres to independent industry standards like CDISC enabling harmonization of clinical data

Why Use Octalsoft EDC?

Data Collection

Simplify collection of clinical trial data at its source securely over the web

Data Validation

Online validation at the time of data entry ensures data is clean and accurate

Online Collaboration

Enables online collaboration over the data collection process ensuring issues with data discrepancies are addressed promptly

Study Designer

Robust Study Designer enables setting up complex studies in matter of weeks

Medical Dictionary

Online Integration of complex, multi-axial, hierarchical medical dictionary

Regulatory Compliance

Complies with regulatory requirements like 21 CFR Part 11 and HIPAA regulations

Audit Trail

Maintains complete audit trail of clinical trial data


Supports tablets and mobile devices

Faster Submission

Facilitates faster submission of study results to regulatory for approval


Adheres to independent industry standards like CDISC enabling harmonization of clinical data

Product Benefits

Better Trial results

Streamlined and standardized processes results in immediate efficiencies for clinical operations

Faster Patient Enrollment

Ability to assign targets to sites and track progress in real time results in identifying and recruiting high performing sites thus resulting in faster patient enrollment.

Improved Investigator relationships

Automate investigator and vendor payments based on pre-agreed milestones

Increased clinical research associate productivity

Automation in generating visit reports, tracking deviations, and centralized real time access to study data reduces administrative burden and increased capacity for the clinical research team

Lower Trial costs

Reduction in redundant system and processes shortens the entire clinical trial lifecycle

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