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Octalsoft eDOCS Software

Not all document management systems are created equal. Octalsoft eDocs is a cloud-based solution that is specifically developed keeping in mind the requirements of a document-intensive clinical trial development phase. Octalsoft eDocs eliminates “content chaos” and allows the user to cost-effectively manage the complete lifecycle of content, from draft to final approval. Create, organize, track, store and manage versioning of a variety of electronic documents using our sleek and intuitive platform. Users can securely access, manage and share content from any device or location. Dynamic workflow allows users to define document approval processes and configure the folder structure at the individual level. It enables healthcare professionals to work most productively, from anywhere, anytime. The software is completely adaptable to your specific requirements and scalable to grow with your organization’s needs.

Why choose Octalsoft eDOCS software?

If you have been spending lots of time and efforts in managing content with paper or a file share and gathering handwritten signatures, then its high time you consider switching to Octalsoft eDOCS. Loaded with the following features, it will make handling your regulatory documents so much easie

  • Intuitive and simple user interface
  • Create regulatory documents electronically
  • Online sharing and collaboration
  • Dynamic review and approval workflow
  • Document version control
  • Online & mobile eSignatures
  • Robust indexing and search capability
  • Set permissions at the user level
  • Unlimited users and unlimited storage
  • Bulk sharing and signing of documents
  • Set expiration dates for CVs, licenses, and certifications
  • Custom-built outlook email integration
  • Option for CTMS and eTMF integration
  • High-level secure cloud data hosting

Product Features

Instant Document Availability

Octalsoft eDOCS ensures real-time availability of most up to date, approved and current content, making it accessible wherever you may be in the world. It makes sure that the user has access to the most recent document without the worry that they are accessing the previous or an outdated version. The system also makes sure that un-approved documents are not accessible to end-users.

Centralized Document Repository

The software provides a centralized data repository for storing and managing your essential trial documents with robust e-tools for collaboration, version control, CAPA, training, and reporting. A centralized repository with study level correspondence and documentation eliminates the mounting inefficiencies caused by the inability to manage “islands of information” in individual siloes.

Easy Document Review

With real-time access, the software enables easy review, annotation or publishing of document updates with all partners including internal and external cross-collaborators. It makes alliances with third-party organizations and research partners much easier. The level of visibility and access are determined at the individual level through the configuration of controlled access.

Version Control

The software allows for complete version control and history management of obsolete versions of documents. It provides a complete audit trail of who made the changes to the content and when. It gives you time and signature stamp on every new update made to the content. It also tracks all edit/review/approval routing including those performed by multi-user collaboration.

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