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Biorepository Management System

The emerging fields of proteomics, genomics and translational medicine has driven biorepositories to grow more larger and more complex, while becoming extremely specialized at the same time. Since the last two decades, the biobanking industry has grown exponentially and this has translated into huge volumes of specimens and data – all requiring operational efficiency for their effective organization and management. For biorepositories to work effectively, the tracing and tracking of biospecimens must be precise for the entire sample’s life cycle.

Octalsoft’s biorepository management software is a purpose-built, cloud-based application that enables biobanks to store, track and manage various biospecimens and annotated data in a structured manner. It comes with a robust search and report generation engine that enables all essential ad-hoc queries and maintains up-to-date inventory lists. The software can be configurated to support any workflow and is highly scalable to support end number of biospecimen records. The software is validated, 21 CFR Part 11, and HIPAA compliant.

Octalsoft BMS is ideal for not only for small and mid-sized biobanks, but also for multi-repository, multi-site, high throughput environments.

Why choose Octalsoft Biorepository Management Software?

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Configurable biospecimen collection protocols
  • Centralized and decentralized storage layouts
  • Configurable workflow management tools
  • Inherent barcode printing & scanning
  • Manage genealogy of samples
  • Bulk upload of legacy data
  • Manage chain of custody
  • Record freeze-thaw counts
  • Batch process samples
  • Advanced search by metadata specimen attributes
  • Order management – shipping and retrieval
  • No IT infrastructure required

Product Overview

Biospecimen Management

The software’s automated tracking system helps you readily identify and trace your biospecimens in the biobank, so you know where your specimens are located, at all times. The system provides a comprehensive audit trail of each sample right from primary donor information to final culling of the specimen and presents all steps in a longitudinal view. It helps you annotate data to the specimen, view specimen’s parent-child relationships in a hierarchical fashion and manage chain of custodianship from accessioning until destruction.

Data Annotation

Customizable data entry forms and fields assist you to capture clinical, lifestyle and genealogical data annotated to the biospecimen collected. Complete donor information including consent restrictions and phenotype data including but not limited to demographics, clinical diagnosis, medical histories, reports, and treatment outcomes can be securely recorded.  The system comes with permission settings for individual users, to satisfy all ethical/regulatory requirements.

Biospecimen Collection Protocols

The protocol set-up module helps the user set up new collection protocols, without any IT help.  It comes with fields to define new specimen types, sample collection sites, sample processing workflows, storage locations, and temperature specifications. The software tracks all research protocols supported by the biobank and keeps a record of associated bio-specimens collected or used for a particular project.  It further helps the administrator provide role-based access to delegated users at protocol-level.

Sample Storage Management

The system allows the user to configure storage equipment with different specifications, layouts, capacity and hierarchical sub-divisions. The equipment can be shifted to a decentralized repository location, disposed of, or assigned exclusively to a specific project. The system further allows you to auto-assign samples to storage locations based on user history or allow specific sample types to be stored as per the protocol’s configuration.  It also supports ‘drag and drop’ of aliquots from one storage location to another. Moreover, it helps you create graphical visualization of storage units so that the user gets a quick and simple overview of storage & specimen locations, sample status, and sample workflow.

Inventory Management

The software allows users to define components of biospecimen collection kit with complete barcode generation and printing capabilities.  It allows you to maintain inventory levels of kits, reagents, and other consumables and track inventory usage history with distribution and associated sample collections.

Order & Shipment Management

The software offers its users a controlled and secure environment for facilitating retrieval requests by independent researchers to address their particular project requirements. Users can track outgoing shipments with multiple attributes such as courier details, a destination address, contact representative, and tracking information.  Users can also assign multiple boxes or packages to be part of the shipment using barcode scanning and keep an audit trail of the samples shipped to external clients and collaborators.

Product Benefits

Improve Operational Efficiency

Automated biobanking workflows, personalized reports and role-based access helps in promptly managing sample and patient data. Complete sample inventory in real time remarkably decreases sample turnaround times.

Query and Reports

The robust search engine allows the user to run pre-defined queries and reports on all collected bio-bank data and biospecimens. With inherent advanced search tools and a fully searchable database, each specimen can be searched, using multiple filters across various sample attributes and associated metadata.

No software installation

The software is hosted as a cloud-based solution which is a cost-effective alternative to traditional on-premise software and can be deployed with minimum IT infrastructure and even without in-house dedicated IT support. It further provides the advantage of rapid scalability, better data security and can facilitate collaboration between different groups by using a shared environment.

Data Privacy and Security

The software restricts unauthorized access to patient’s privacy data, in compliance with various regulations governing privacy and data protection (e.g. HIPAA. Provides a complete audit trail for changes made to bio-bank data in a transparent way. The software also flags confidential data fields to prevent unauthorized viewing of the patient’s personal data.

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