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Customer Relationship Management

Modern CRM – Sell Smarter, Know More, Grow Faster

Comprehensive integrated modern CRM solution helps you manage the complete customer lifecycle. Our CRM solution enables:

  • Salesforce Automation: Provides tools to your salesforce to generate leads and manage the pipeline from lead through to opportunity. Track leads, opportunities, define custom sales process and gain real-time insight into your sales progress.
  • Contact Management: Maintain leads and customer database and track customers’ buying patterns to anticipate their needs.
  • Integrated Marketing Capabilities: Provide tools to your inside sales team to run integrated email and call campaigns. Track the team’s productivity and turn more leads into opportunities.


Contact Management

Gain 360-degree view of your customers, by keeping track of their activity, customer communications, key contacts.  Integrate social medial sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and others

Opportunity Management

Get detailed insight into deals your team is working on.  Enable collaboration within your salesforce team resulting in closing more opportunities and faster

Integrated Marketing

Generate more leads by running personalized sales campaigns.  Manage and monitor integrated call and email campaigns. Enable visitor tracking for more informed and targeted lead generation activities

Lead Management

Track the entire life cycle of your leads from click-to-close allowing you to make informed decisions and optimizing your RoI

Workflow Automation

Customize and define your sales processes and enable automation so that your salesforce has more time on creating and capturing opportunities

Email Integration

Integrate your email inbox so that you can easily access all the communication with the prospect


Streamlined lead-to-cash process

Increase productivity of your salesforce

Gain real-time insight into your sales funnel

Detailed analytics enable you to effectivel upsell and cross-sell

Informed sales forecasting

Process standardization

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