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Octalsoft helps you enable technology to integrate your entire business. You need information to make smart decisions. Octalsoft can help you streamline your financial management, supply chain management, operations management, and human capital management processes by enabling the right technology solution. Technology solution that will help you integrate all your processes, enable automation, and provide appropriate business intelligence and reporting tool to help you make informed decisions quicker. Start with what you need now and easily scale as your needs change. Deploy the solution in the cloud or on your premises the choice is yours.

Financial Management

Modernize your legacy ERP applications by deploying a business platform that can quickly adapt to your ever-changing business demands.

Grow your business in a smarter and a more reliable way by engaging Octalsoft in deploying a dynamic, flexible and scalable solution for your business.

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Enable your sales team by keeping it simple!  Octalsoft can help you deploy a CRM solution that’s right for your business and easy to work with for your sales team.  Manage your sales cycle efficiently and keep important information at the finger tips both for you and your sales team.  Provide resources to your team that can help your team sell more and deliver results.

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Octalsoft’s Human Capital Management solution provides seamless integration of HR functions within the organization. These functions include workforce planning, payroll, training, attendance, exit management, leave management, and appraisal. Personalized solutions for your organization’s HR processes will bring efficiency and cost effectiveness.

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