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Database support

Enables effective database administration, monitoring and troubleshooting solutions

Comprehensive Oracle Remote DBA Services

Octalsoft’s oracle remote dba services provide effective database administration, monitoring and troubleshooting solutions for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and OpenSource MySQL.

Addressing the critical oracle dba support services with appropriate DBA consulting, our systems maintain large scale database systems, internet e-commerce databases, as well as decision support databases for a clientele spread across the globe.

Remote Oracle DBA Support Services

This remote DBA service offers all-inclusive coverage in areas of database administration, 24X7 monitoring, issue resolution, proactive performance management and on-demand consulting services.

Full DBA Service

Database space allocations

Checking database space allocations

Database resources

Database resources and file system space

Database support and remediation

Troubleshooting tasks including round the clock support and remediation

Database backup

Restoring database from a backup

Root cause analysis

Root cause analysis

Database design

New database design and extending database design

Database architecture

Architecting web databases and database clusters

Database upgrade

Upgrade of databases to newer versions and back-end integration of enterprise and e-commerce databases

Database warehousing

Data warehousing, data mining, analytics and reporting

Database migration

Migration of access to Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Open Source My SQL database

Database availability

High database availability and performance tuning

Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery and business continuity design services

Why Octalsoft for your Database support needs?

Accurate data solution

Accurate and timely information retrieval

Data modelling and design

Data modelling and logical database design

Affordable reporting features

Configuration of large scale data warehouse architecture and reporting tools

Database upgrades

Database upgrades, database migrations, database redesign

Data conversions

Web enabling databases, data conversions, other integration efforts

Increased productivity

Increased productivity at work and avoidance of inconsistent data

Database upgrades and conversions

Database upgrades, database migrations, database redesign, web enabling databases, data conversions and other integration efforts

Data availability

Lower cost of database ownership and consistent availability of data to support business operations and decision making

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