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Cloud Services

Octalsoft’s cloud services help deliver anything associated with the delivery of hosted services over the internet. Cloud services include cloud storage services, custom cloud applications, cloud database solutions and SaaS.

Benefits and features of cloud computing hosting include the following:

Features Advantages
Swift Flexibility Prompt Transactions
Self-Service as per Demand Strong IT Infrastructure
Wide Set-Up Access Low Cost
Resource Collection User-Friendliness
Calculated Service Agility

Cloud computing encompasses three unique service models:

SaaS (Software as a Service)

A sole application is delivered through browser to a number of customers who deploy multi-tenant architecture. No kind of upfront venture occurs in the server and the entire software licensing is made from the client’s side.

PaaS (Platform as a Service)

This model offers assistance in the form of development environments. Business applications run according to the infrastructure of the provider. User gets delivery through internet from the server of the provider.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service)

This service model involves the incorporation of operating system images and application software on the cloud infrastructure and includes servers, virtual machines, load balancers and storage to name a few.

Cloud computing software as a service has been growing rapidly for the past few years as the IT world is forecasted to spend 9% of its expenses for such alluring services. These solutions promise tremendous growth potential mainly for increased revenue opportunities. Customers can enjoy the specified cloud facilities and have to pay just for that.

Cloud computing software as a service has made a paradigm shift. It can easily reduce the technology expenses. Availing cloud computing software as a service goes a long way in moving the capital expenditure budget of your organization to the inexpensive maintenance and operating expenses side.

The best cloud computing services providers offer SaaS type cloud solution. By deploying private, public or hybrid cloud, Octalsoft helps you enjoy off-premise, on-demand cloud computing solutions.

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