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Cloud Deployment

Octalsoft cloud solution offerings enable businesses to deploy private, public or hybrid cloud. Custom sales CRM, project management, employee management, asset tracking and other business applications can be deployed on the cloud.

To address the dynamic nature of business workloads, IT department needs to have a flexible IT infrastructure. IT departments can address the fluctuating requirements of their users quickly by deploying database applications on cloud. By deploying applications on private cloud, businesses can consolidate servers, storage and database workloads onto a shared hardware and software infrastructure. The elastic nature of cloud allows applications to scale at a lower cost without requiring costly and time consuming upgrades.

Key business drivers for deploying database applications on a private cloud are

  • Improve quality of service: Standardizing database deployment on a single platform and centralizing IT management, competency centre can be developed and shared across the organization improving the quality of service to user community.
  • Improve agility: Private cloud infrastructure using standard hardware, software components and tools enable an automated and simplified deployment process. Private database cloud provides enough resources for users to quickly deploy applications needed on a standard database platform.
  • Reduce complexity: Private database clouds enable consolidation of applications on a single unified platform. As the IT infrastructure becomes more homogenous, it becomes easier to manage.
  • Reduce IT costs: By consolidation on a private cloud, IT departments can deliver more with less. Consolidating shared resources result in reduction of initial capital expense and ongoing operating expense thus reducing overall cost of managing IT infrastructure.
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