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eClinical Solutions

Octalsoft provides a suite of integrated, comprehensive, cost-effective and secure clinical trial software solutions to better manage global clinical trial studies.

The cost of conducting clinical trials has sky-rocketed in the last few decades and the costs continue to rise! In such times, clinical trial sponsors are under tremendous pressure and eager to reduce costs and time of bringing new medical products to market.

Octalsoft’s portfolio of integrated software solutions is designed to help Pharma Sponsor/CROs optimize their operations and accelerate the clinical drug development process. Our technology platform eliminates the labor-intensive, repetitive, manual tasks so often required in performing critical tasks such as planning, reporting, capturing subject contact data and tracking milestones and deadlines. Automate your clinical trial studies with our ecosystem of eTools which comes with a robust business intelligence (BI) system that empowers users with insights gleaned from the system’s database to gain early and increased visibility into progress, problems and possibilities. With flexible deployment options, we promise to help you optimize and maximize ROI on your technology investment.

Contact us today so we can demonstrate how Octalsoft’s eClinical software solutions can bring speed and efficiency to your clinical trial management processes.

Unified CDISC Compliant Platform

21 CFR Part 11 and HIPPA Compliant

Regulatory Compliance (US FDA, EMA, DCGI, etc.)

Purpose-built solutions

Automated workflows

Well-defined KPIs

Real-time Insights

Secure Cloud-based Deployment

Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS)

Octalsoft CTMS is a cloud-based clinical trial management system that transforms your disjointed back office clinical trial tasks into a highly efficient and cohesive work environment. Read more

Electronic Data Capture (EDC) Software

Octalsoft Electronic Data Capture software is designed to streamline the collection of trial patient data, that supports early to late-stage clinical development phases and post-approval trials. Read more

Interactive Web Response System (IWRS)

Octalsoft’s IWRS software is yet another powerful and valuable asset in the eClinical toolkit that enables sponsors to not only configure subject enrolment and randomization process but also… Read more

Remote Source Data Verification (rSDV)

The Clinical Trial Industry at large is adjusting its operational procedures in response to the physical site access disruptions associated with the COVID pandemic… Read more

Electronic Trial Master File (eTMF)

With rising levels of competition in the capital intensive, fast-paced pharmaceutical industry,companies must build efficient processes that enable growth and delivers value on time… Read more


eDocuments is a document management system for life cycle management of resources online with well-defined dynamic workflows enabling collaboration & enforced audit trails. Read more

Portfolio & Project Management

With rising levels of competition in the capital intensive, fast-paced pharmaceutical industry, companies must build efficient processes that enable growth and delivers value on time. Read more

Biorepository Management Software

The emerging fields of proteomics, genomics and translational medicine has driven biorepositories to grow more larger and more complex, while becoming extremely specialized at the same time. Read more

Clinical Trial Supply Management (CTSM)

It is a regulatory mandate that all the clinical trial supplies are accounted for by the sponsor. The supply chain underlying a clinical trial is a very complex entity and supply chain managers need not be warned of the myriad of things that may go wrong in their efforts to deliver the right supplies to multiple sites at remote geographic locations. Read more

Electronic Patient Reported Outcome (ePRO)

In the paper world, many of us have come across incomplete and illegible patient diaries. Transcription of these paper diaries into the data management systems has its own set of inherent risks and complicating factors. It is the right ePRO solution that works for both, your study and your patients a like. Read more