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Bio-banking as your online solution to biomarker-based studies and data has an enhanced digital management system

Octalsoft’s Bio-banking Software solution is an on-line web based application that helps Bio-banks in tracking samples along with annotation of clinical, molecular and patient data.

The system provides one single platform for clinicians, researchers and lab biologists to collaborate for investigative biomarker-based studies.

Track, store, manage and analyze bio-specimens for instant and quality retrieval based on requests received by researchers to address their particular project requirements.

Product Overview

Clinical Annotation

Capture demographics, diagnosis history, pathology reports, treatment, outcomes, and participant consent management.

Inventory Management

Bio-specimen tracking, quality control results, specimen usage history, annotate primary specimens and all related derivative products.

Query and Reports

Run pre-defined queries and reports on all collected bio-bank data.

Data Browser

Tool to assist bio-banks with case selection for research projects. Ability to export data to CSV format for further analysis


Define users/groups and access permissions. Flag confidential data fields to prevent unauthorized viewing of personal data

Protocol/Drug Management

Setup and define standard treatment protocols and associated drugs.

Storage Layout

Tool for managing bio-bank storage entities. Supports ‘drag and drop’ of aliquots from one entity to another. Define temperature, layout, storage labels and more for all entities.

Study and Projects

Track all research projects supported by the bio-bank and associated bio-specimens collected or used for particular projects

Collection Template

Wizard tool to aid bio-banks with data entry around bio-specimen collection. Quickly define and annotation your collections!

Standard Operating Procedures

Capture SOPs used during sample collection and derivative collection for quality control purposes.

Order Management

Track requests for materials and related shipment information of bio-bank specimens.

Product Benefits

User Interface

Intuitive web-based User Interface. No software installation required at the client side.

Protocol Design

Dynamic and easy Collection Protocol Design module. Set up new collection protocols yourself without any IT help. Flexibility to define new sample types, collection sites, and storage entities

Scalable Requirements

Scalable and easily customizable to address your unique requirements

Regulatory compliance

Enhanced security and role based access to ensure regulatory compliance

Data Annotation

Annotation of molecular and clinical data with the bio-specimen collected for a study


Flexible parameter driven retrieval of bio-specimen


Powerful retrieval and reporting capability facilitates data exploration without IT or programming support


Provides complete audit trail for changes made to bio-bank data

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